What Does Your Choice Of Cocktail Say About You?



A tinge of rejuvenation merged with the perfect balance of tangy surprises, you’re a classic extrovert with hints of being an introvert. You love a good conversation and a hearty laugh but not at the cost of losing control of yourself or time.


Whiskey Sour

Your taste buds are used to culinary finesse, you’re a gourmand of sorts. You know your alcohol and use the sharpness of the acidity in the drink to heighten the taste of your favourite whiskey. You’re always known to keep your tie ironed or your heels polished, prim and ready to take on the show.



Graceful but confident, warm but powerful. You love your feminine freedom and make a sophisticated statement everytime, with this signature drink in your hand.


Long Island Iced Tea

All about having a great time out with people that make you happy, you’re full of life and energy. A night out with you means dancing away all your worries and indulging in fits of uncontrollable laughter.


Bloody Mary

You stand apart from the rest, you’re the perfect mélange of just the right amount of sweet and spicy with a hint of sass. While everyone else goes for the sugary concoctions with the giggles, you chose to sip on a delightfully pungent elixir while indulging in intelligent conversations about life, politics and the universe.


Blue Lagoon

What you’re really craving is some “vitamin sea”. You’d rather be at some tropical paradise, tanning by the ocean while sipping on refreshing flavours. You like to live life carefree and are not fond of routine hustle bustle. Tangy flavours coupled with some summery music makes the perfect form of relaxation for you.


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