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Violet Blossom

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Violet Blossom by @thecocktail.blog

3cl London Dry Gin
3cl Rosé Vermouth
2.5cl Violet Liqueur
Stir with plenty of quality ice💎 Strain over a large rock of ice in a chilled glass Garnish with a flower, and a dehydrated lime wheel for a extra complex sour touch and arom

Glacier Martini

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Glacier Martini by @thecocktail.blog

5cl London Dry Gin
1.5cl Peach Liqueur
2cl Blue Curacao
1.5cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Stir with plenty quality ice Strain into a chilled coupe glass with one large clear ice cube Garnish with a freshly cut lemon zest

The Even More Royal Row-boat Club

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The Even More Royal Row-boat Club by @thecocktail.blog

3.0cl Dark Rum
3.0cl Amaro Ramazzotti
2.5cl Fresh Lime Juice
2.5cl Golden Falernum
3 Dashes Bogarts
Stir with plenty ice Strain into a cooled tumbler Garnish with fresh basil 🌱and dehydrated lemon and strawberry"

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