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on Your Phone

Barsys is fully app controlled from your iOS or Android device. It comes preloaded with hundreds of cocktails and the ability to easily add your own signature drinks. Each drink is perfectly poured every time.

Available on Android and iOS devices.

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Barsys comes with mobile application that communicates with the machine, thermally insulated containers that hold temperature for 15-18 hours as well as an interactive lighting system that acquaints the user with the progress of their drink – all under 30 seconds! All you have to do is place your favorite base spirits on top of the machine and your favorite mixers in the mixer canisters provided with the machine. You can choose your cocktail from Barsys original recipes that will be recommended to you based on the liquor and mixers in the machine or you may customize and make your own. Barsys will deliver your favorite cocktail within few seconds, by pouring each liquor independently and precisely.
Once you log-in on the Barsys App a red banner on the top of the home screen will prompt you to ‘connect’ to the machine. Do not try to pair the machine using Bluetooth from the phone settings menu.
Barsys App currently offers hundreds of built-in recipes and unlimited customization for its user.
Yes, Barsys is completely customizable to an individual’s preferences. It comes with pre-fed original recipes that you can choose from but also offers you the option to customize them and if you choose to make your own recipe you have all the features on the app to do so.
The app monitors consumption patterns, quantities and notifies the user for refills.
The users have an option to mix 5 base spirits and 3 mixers to make their own cocktail. Barsys allows its user to use 5 base spirits at the liquor stations and 3 mixers of 1 liter each in the container slots.
Be sure you are using the correct app. The Coaster is only compatible with the Barsys Coaster, not the Barsys, app. The download for iOS can be found here
The app connects to the Coaster using Bluetooth. Be sure you are using the Barsys Coaster app, not the Barsys app.
The Coaster is compatible with the Barsys Mixing Glass or any drinking glass. When using paper/plastic cups, be sure to fill with two or more standard size ice cubes in order for the Coaster to detect.
The lights vary in color notifying you when to start/stop pouring each ingredient, tracking ingredient progress, and alerting you when to place and remove your glass.
Limited-edition products are not available for return. In the case of manufacturer defect, please email and we will replace your Coaster.
No. There is no alcohol in your kit. The Patron Margarita kit includes a Barsys Coaster, two margarita glasses, a salt rimmer, a shaker, and a lime squeezer. To complete the kit with a bottle of Tequila visit