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Blueberry Margarita

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Blueberry Margarita by @melis_boozy_cure

A handful of blueberries (muddled)
2 oz Blanco Volcán De Mi Tierra tequila
1 oz Fresh lime juice
1⁄2 oz Orange liqueur
1⁄2 oz Agave syrup
Garnish: Miel de cańa, black lava salt & a lime basket with an edible sugar flower.

Cherry Collins

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Cherry Collins by @melis_boozy_cure

3 parts Grey Goose Vodka.
Cherry Noir Vodka
1 ½ parts Fresh Lemon Juice
1 part Sugar Syrup
4 parts Club Soda
4 dashes Cherry Bitters
Garnish: Cherries & Viola
Arc Cardinal glass ware
Surfside Sips glass straw

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