What's under the hood

A metal cased sleek body powder coated with heat resistance paint, the Barsys machine is aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with precise measurement and awareness up to 1ml, Barsys ensures not a drip is wasted.

Can an app run a bar?

The brain behind the machine, the Barsys app comes preloaded with over 2000 of your favourite recipes that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

The app makes perfect business sense too. Not only does it help you count the number of drinks it has dispensed, it can tell you ingredient usage as well.

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Design Detail

Made of thermoplastic rubber with universal bottle mounting, the top nozzles are for spirits and liquors of your choice. This guarantees a superior consistency and improved taste.

The dispensing mechanism is built to prevent leakage and mixing of alcohol and mixers inside the machine, making sure that every drink ordered is as it's intended to be.

If you spill your drinks, there's a drain tray underneath the machine that takes care of the spillage.

The glass that can kick up a storm

What's so special about the glass you ask?.

If you invented a glass that forms a mini tornado and can clock up a speed of up to 300RPM, you'd be pretty kicked about it too.

Not only does it mix your drink uniformly, the V-Vortex created by the rotation makes for the perfect cocktail.

A bar that's lit. Literally.

With Barsys, anything's easy. For instance, it's easy to know if your drink is ready. The status bar on the machine turns green the moment you give a command to the machine. When your drink is poured in the mixer, the bar turns blue and when your drink's completed, the bar turns back to green.

What if someone asks for a coke?

Don't worry, Barsys isn't just mixer friendly. It can handle your tonic water and carbonated drinks as well.

All you need to do is attach the pipes that come with Barsys to the four slots on the back to get your favourite cocktail.

How to keep Barsys clean after a one drink too many.

If you want to clean the machine inside-out, all you need to do is attach a pipe to the lower-right-back side of the machine, and fit it with a bottle of clean water. The app will do the rest.

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