Every hour is happy hour!

Every hour is happy hour!


Add a dash of sweetness to a bitter sour day with a fancy Cocktail! A mix of the right ingredients in just the right amount gives you the perfect elixir, more commonly known as the Cocktail, perfect for any occasion. You have an array of mixes on the basis of blends used, juices added, tonic water and fruits. Every time you visit a bar, you are sure to notice these fancy glasses with attractive colours and swirly straws, umbrellas, fresh fruits, the list could go on.


Apart from the taste, what makes cocktails popular is that there is no dedicated time to have them. You can sip a cocktail any hour of the day or night! As someone has rightly said, “There’s always time for a cocktail.”


If you’re starting early, a Morning Glory or an Orange Reviver works best as the delicious eye opener. You can also tank up with a Mimosa or the classic Bloody Mary to kickstart your day. Most of these pre-noon cocktails will have a mix of lemon or citrus fruits to give you the energy or perhaps even get you out of that hangover.


Screwdriver, Peach Bellini, Irish Coffee – if you like a sweet kick, Gin or Silver Fizz are usually famous brunch drinks. Celebrating the weekend or having a brunch party, make sure you have these on the menu.


Just before lunch, as you prepare your palate for some great food, try a Dry Martini. It’s a perfect complement to any meal and works best with lighter foods. You can also have Gin, Vermouth or any dry style of wine. Distilled spirits like Campari and Aperol that have long been used as appetite stimulants on their own, can make great aperitifs when mixed as well.


Post lunch, one can indulge in the sweet and creamy versions such as the Irish Coffee, Brandy Alexander, the chocolate and orange flavours of Sharon Stone or try the Dom Pedro. Alternatively, you can try the digestive cocktails such as the Grasshopper, Rusty Nail or Tom Collins.
When you’ve had a long day at work, it’s the cocktails that come to the rescue. Enjoy the sunset with a delicious Singapore Sling, Frozen Daiquiri or Mojito. Refresh yourself and unwind over these early evening mixers.


Having a cocktail before dinner not only prepares your stomach for the food but also develops a taste. You can start with the Gimlet or a Dirty Martini. You can also choose the fancy Cosmopolitan, a Champagne or a Cava Cocktail, all of which are fantastic pre-dinner drinks.


End your dinner with a Mudslide – for those who love chocolate, or a Vodka Stinger. If you are a whisky person you can take the Godfather.


The day may have ended but the night has just begun. Cheers to the night with a Long Island Iced Tea, Pina Colada or a Tequila Surprise. You can also sit back and relax over the fresh fruit Martinis or the Caipiroska.


So as you can see every hour is cocktail hour! Try these fine beverages according to your mood and convenience for a fun time. Celebrate any occasion or make any occasion a celebration with the wonderful Cocktails.


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